Flave Electronic Hookah

Great Flavor...Large Vapor

Our latest invention has arrived. Flave Electronic Hookah will give you full satisfaction of smoking hookah without the harmfull chemicals such as carbon monoxide and  the undesirable mess of traditional hookah.

No need for flame, charcoal nor charging 

Flave Electronic Hookah is ready to use instantly.

Lasts Longer Than Traditional Hookah.

We offer 5 marvelous flavors:

Strawberry......Berry Kiwi......Grape Mint......Peach Mango......Tropical Punch.

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Flave Electronic Hookah The Whole Thing Party Time Bundle
Flave Electronic HookahThe Whole ThingParty Time Bundle

Great Flavor..Large Vapor

20 Flave N' a Box

10 Flave E Hokkah




Flave Bundle
Flave Bundle

5 5 5 Blast